Project overview

Loan amount request:
€ 10,000
€ 0
€ 10,000
48 M
Loan term (Legal maturity)
15 %
Borrower interest rate
Number of investors
€ 0 left
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Property information

Įkeičiamas turtas

10000 EUR
2990 EUR

Project overview

Project name
Reason for loan
Apyvartinės lėšos
I will repay this loan...
iš pardavimo pajamų ir/ar dalies pelno (teikiu paraišką anuiteto (nuolatinei paskolai))

Project timeline:
Remaining time to project completion from today
1-2 months
Will this project require multiple stages of financing?
If yes, how many stages of financing?
Which stage of financing is this loan for?

Other comments / description of project

MB Imekspa vykdo veiklą daugiau nei trejus metus. Mažoji bendrija teikia importo, eksporto, tranzito deklaracijų pildymo paslaugas. Atstovauja užsakovą muitinėje atliekant importo, tranzito ar kitas procedūras, konsultuoja klientus krovinių deklaravimo ir muitinės įforminimo klausimais.

MB Imekspa finansinė būklė 2019 m.:
-Pardavimo pajamos - 64.899 EUR;
-Grynasis pelnas - 14.917 EUR;
-Ilgalaikis turtas - 20.000 EUR;
-Trumpalaikis turtas - 29.583 EUR;
-Nuosavas kapitalas - 28.857 EUR;
-Mokėtinos sumos ir kiti įsipareigojimai - 20.726 EUR.

SAVY sutelktinio finansavimo platformos operatoriaus pagalba, įmonė viso sieks pritraukti 10 000 EUR.

Applicant information

The borrower
MB Imekspa
Name (Corporate)
Corporate identity code
Actual address
Laisvės pr. 121, LT-06120 Vilnius

Borrower expertise:
Have you undertaken this type of project before?
If yes, how many?
Greater than 10 projects

Loan information

Loan amount requested
€ 10,000
€ 10,000
€ 10,000
Loan requested is
iš pardavimo pajamų ir/ar dalies pelno (teikiu paraišką anuiteto (nuolatinei paskolai))
Interest payments
Principal repayments
Regular annuity
Frequency of payments
Loan term (legal maturity)
48 months
Principal amortization term
48 months
Principal holiday request
Borrower interest rate
15 %
Loan payment due per month
€ 313.31
LTV (loan-to-value)

Collateral information

Įkeičiamas turtas

Pavadinimas Hipotekos eilė Kam priklauso šis turtas Vertė Papildoma informacija Pictures
Laidavimas 1 - 10000 Laiduotojas (įmonės vienintelis akcininkas) įsipareigoja atsakyti Kreditoriui, jeigu MB Imekspa, neįvykdys prievolių pagal Skolininko ir Kreditoriaus sudarytą Paskolos sutartį Nr. 473087 ir bendrąsias paskolos sutarties -juridinis asmuo sąlygas. Laiduotojas įsipareigoja atsakyti Kreditoriui ta pačia apimtimi kaip ir Skolininkas, įskaitant palūkanų ir netesybų sumokėjimą bei nuostolių atlyginimą už Skolininko Prievolės įvykdymą visu savo turtu, kur jis bebūtų, ir iš ko susidėtų.
Vekselis 1 - 2990 12 mėn. laikotarpiui yra pasirašomas vekselis
Guarantee information:
Is there a personal guarantee on the loan?

Investment risks

1. Risks related to total or partial loss of funds (capital) for financing the Project The project owner may not have full or enough funds to cover his obligations to the Funder.
2. Risks related to the deterioration of the financial condition of the Project owner (a natural person) The owner of the project may lose work, reduce wages or other income, and also partially or completely lose capacity for work or other circumstances that could negatively affect the performance of the obligations of the Project owner.
3. Risks related to deterioration of the financial condition of the Project owner (legal entity) The implementation of a project announced by the project owner does not generate such revenue as was planned; The owner of the project participates in court / arbitration disputes, the result of which is unpredictable in the course of or continuing; The project owner loses the partner (s) that has a significant influence on the company, as well as suppliers, or reduces purchasers, and this negatively affects the company's revenue streams; The project owner can assume new debt obligations or other circumstances that could negatively affect the fulfillment of the obligations of the Project owner.
4. Risks related to the insolvency / bankruptcy of the Project Owner The owner of the project may be subject to bankruptcy proceedings, therefore, the Investor may completely or partially lose the investment for the Project and not receive any interest.
5. Funding liquidity risk Project submitted by the project owner may not be fully or partially funded.

Failure to collect the funds necessary for the project or the Project owner in disagreement with the smaller amount of collected funds, the Project is canceled and the funds collected are returned to the Funders. In this case, the Funder, who has recovered the funds, does not receive full or partial expected profit from investing in the Project and compensation for the period during which his money was booked.
6. The Law on Insurance of Deposits and Liabilities to Investors of the Republic of Lithuania does not apply to crowdfunding The funds invested by the funder are not hedged by deposit insurance.
7. Risk related to insolvency / bankruptcy of a company that administers a crowdfunding platform Article 9(7) and Article 11(1)(6) of the Law on Crowdfunding of the Republic of Lithuania constitute an obligation for the mutual lending and crowdfunding platform operator to establish a Business Continuity Plan and submit it to the Bank of Lithuania for approval (for entry into the public list of mutual lending/crowdfunding platform operators). The Business Continuity Plan shall include tools and procedures to ensure the Operator's business continuity and smooth administration of contracts, and uninterrupted fulfilment of contractual obligations in the unforeseen events. One of the circumstances that may occur during the performance of Organizer’s activities is the Organizer’s insolvency.
In order to implement the Business Continuity Plan, to properly protect the rights and legitimate interests of the consumers (Funders and/or Recipients of Loans), to separate the assets belonging to the Lenders and the Organizer, and to minimize the potential negative consequences of insolvency of the Organizer, the assets shall be subject to temporary administration under an agreement concluded between the Organizer and the law firm in the event of insolvency of the Organizer. Temporary administration may also be established in the event of other circumstances specified in the Business Continuity Plan.
More details about Business Continuity Plan Funders can see in section IV “Busines Continuity Plan of SAVY Platform” (see, paragraph 81 ir 9) and Website Use Agreement, section 7.