Pay down loans or invest

Pay down loans or invest

Standartinė BernardWells » 04 Geg 2018, 12:52

Hi all,

I've got about 100k of student loans left at 3.77%; trying to decide on paying this beast down asap versus maxing out my 401k (unfortunately the most affordable option is an s&p 500 fund with ER 0.54) and my Roth IRA (invested in VTI at TDA but may make the switch to SPTM with TDA's ETF switch ups- any opinions on that?!). I'm 30yo with an income of around 125k. Got an emergency fund, stable job I enjoy, and am learning a lot from these forums. I'd love to park my money in my investment accounts but I've realized I'm pretty debt averse and hate these loans! What would you experts do?!

Please help.

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