Loan slots only appear after completion?

Loan slots only appear after completion?

Standartinė Justin » 09 Kov 2017, 19:03

I check often and sometimes i see that a new loan slot has appeared which has already been completed.

I know i had checked the site after the times shown on the List of Investments and the dates.

If the time of the investments was from 18:15 to 18:20, then if i check the site at 18:30 the slot will not be shown at all. Only after about 18:40 will the slot be shown, which is already completed 20 minutes ago.

The only time i consistently can see the loan slot is when there is a huge sum, like 9000 euros.

And i am absolutely sure that this happens after completion so please don't tell me that it gets shown when it is not completed yet.

So why does this happen, because i can't invest in good loan slots and only sometimes i get to do this.
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Užsiregistravo: 09 Kov 2017, 18:52

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