How does it work

What is SAVY?

SAVY is a virtual lending platform based on the peer-to-peer online lending model that emerged in the United Kingdom more than 15 years ago. It works like this: internet users lend their money to other users through an intermediary technology platform. The platform brings lenders and borrowers together, and also reduces risks for both parties. Transactions can be automated to simplify the borrowing and lending process.

How does SAVY work?

The SAVY service is based on a technology platform where registered lenders and those who want to borrow money can find each other more easily. Everyone who wants to obtain a loan is checked in accordance with the regulations on responsible lending approved by the Bank of Lithuania: credit history, ratio of income to financial liabilities, etc. are analyzed. Lenders (investors) registered on the platform can then provide loans to users who have passed the check. SAVY does not directly conduct any monetary transactions, it only performs risk assessments, and moderates the borrowing process that takes place directly between consumers. The money is transferred from the lender to the borrower via the “Paysera” system which is integrated into the SAVY platform.

Who administers SAVY?

The SAVY P2P lending platform is administered by UAB “Bendras finansavimas”.

What is the advantage of SAVY over traditional borrowing methods?

SAVY allows natural and legal persons to borrow and lend each other directly without using the services of traditional financial institutions like banks or credit unions.

Who supervises SAVY?

SAVY’s activities are supervised by Bank of Lithuania. SAVY operator UAB “Bendras finansavimas” is included in the public list of consumer credit providers and the public list of peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding platform operators.

On what basis does SAVY provide services?

The company administering SAVY, UAB “Bendras finansavimas”, does not accept cash or issue loans, and transfers between users are not made through the company’s accounts. The lending process itself takes place between two entities – the investor and the borrower. This relationship is established by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts. SAVY is responsible for the smooth operation of the technology platform that facilitates investments. All transfers between persons on the SAVY platform are made through the “Paysera” electronic payment system. “Paysera “received an electronic money license issued by the Bank of Lithuania in 2012, giving the right to provide electronic money payment services in Lithuania and other EU countries.

What security guarantees do SAVY users have?

Although the lending process itself takes place directly between borrowers and those wishing to lend, SAVY has introduced various safeguards, based on the Bank of Lithuania’s regulations on responsible lending. We do this primarily because SAVY’s success depends on consumer confidence in the platform. Here is a specific example: the system evaluates the credit history of each person wishing to obtain a loan and only provides borrowing opportunities to those persons who meet the lending criteria set by the Bank of Lithuania. SAVY protects the interests not only of investors but also of borrowers. For example, a person who has received a loan through the platform has the right to repay it at any time without penalty. If the borrower fails to comply with the obligation to repay the loan within the term specified in the agreement, default interest is applied, which complies with the rate recommended by the Bank of Lithuania. If the loan is not repaid on time, SAVY also takes over the debt collection burden and administers the process.