How to start investing

SAVY provides investors with an opportunity to grow money by lending to carefully assessed people and businesses.

How to start investing?

  • Register;
  • Connect an existing or create a new “Paysera” account;
  • Create auto-investing profiles. For investors seeking broader investment opportunities and faster deployment of funds, we suggest the creation of automated investment profiles;
  • Maximize your investment portfolio. Be active, invest manually, renew auto-investing profiles, buy and sell on the secondary market. 
  • Track your investment portfolio, sell your investments on the secondary market if needed, reinvest the interest earned and easily manage your investments.
  • Access your investments more quickly and enjoy a more convenient investment experience by utilizing our mobile app.

Why do you need a “Paysera” account?

To secure the funds for investment and to ensure that you always have complete control, your money is held in a “Paysera” electronic account. You can connect an existing “Paysera” account or sign up for a new one as part of the SAVY investor registration process. After completing these formalities, you can start fulfilling other people’s dreams. Choose from the listed loans and invest in the selected ones. Pay attention to the loan repayment term, interest, purpose and other data about the loan and the borrower. 

Why we recommend creating automatic investing profiles?

We have more than 13 000 active investors, so the majority of loans are invested automatically. Automatic investments are not included on the list of loans for manual investing. Sometimes it may seem that there are no loans to invest to and the main activity is happening elsewhere. That’s why the creation of automatic investing profiles is a very important part of your SAVY investment strategy.

Auto-investing automatically allocates your money into loans according to your chosen investment criteria such as annual interest, term of the loan, age of the borrower, income, gender, etc. The investment takes place in consecutive order which means that when financing a new loan, all active auto-investing profiles are checked according to their position in the list of available investors. The investment is made automatically when the application meets all existing criteria for auto-investing. After investing into a new loan, the auto-investing profile goes to the back of the queue and the process begins again. 

Interest and investment repayments will be transferred to your “Paysera” account each month. Many investors choose to reinvest their returns so their money can keep working. Given enough time, your earnings can grow exponentially thanks to the power of compound interest. You can reinvest your earned interest or sell your investments in the secondary market to unfreeze your cash. All your investments can be easily managed on the SAVY platform.