Social projects

Peer-to-peer lending platform SAVY aims to be socially responsible. This is a continuous process of improvement which is why social responsibility is an integral part of our thinking and business development strategy.

What is social responsibility? It is our responsibility for the environment where SAVY employees, partners, current and potential clients, and all of us work and live.  SAVY creates harmonious, healthy, and safe environment starting from itself – employees are encouraged to recycle, maintain physical activity, create a healthy work-life balance and to improve personally and professionally. Our peer-to-peer lending platform supports various social projects and connects people to fund social support projects. The platform unites more than 12 000 active investors who invest their money, receive financial returns and at certain points can support social projects according to their interests with just a click of a button.

Funding of social support projects is another important step which unites people. We connect people who lack money to realize their perfect and socially responsible ideas with others who want and can support these initiatives.

SAVY believes that this activity will help to establish a patronage tradition in the financial technology market.

Our projects:

Support for Ukraine

By reacting to the incomprehensible actions in Ukraine, on the first day of war, which was started by Russia, we have invited our huge investors’ community to unite, express support and donate to NGO “Blue / Yellow“ which supports the armed forces of Ukraine in the fight with Russian aggression. In four days, we have collected more than 17 600 Eur out of which 5 000 Eur was donated by SAVY, the rest was donated by the huge investors’ community of SAVY. During the first month we have already transferred to NGO “Blue / Yellow“ more than 27 000 Eur, however, we continue collecting the funds and we will not stop until the victory of Ukraine! We understand that time is very important, therefore we transfer the collected funds to non-governmental organization at the end of each day. SAVY clearly and stricly speaks against Russian agression and therefore we invite to  join our efforts because together we can do even more! 

Support for the organization “Save the Children”

International organization “Save the Children” since the start of its establishment in 1991 represents child rights, aims for their implementation, and help children who suffer from poverty, violence and other life misfortunes. The day centers which are created by the organization are attended by children whose families are experiencing troubles. Here they gather after their lessons, eat, prepare their homework, do creative or educational activities, while the employees of the center help to develop their social skills, get the help they need or just simply enjoy their childhood.  Many of these children parents face financial challenges therefore SAVY gathered the investors’ community and collected funds to buy Christmas presents. In total 2640 Eur were collected in less than 24 hours. 500 Eur were donated by SAVY, the other funds were collected by the investors. Donation was intended for 164 kids’ wishes to come true during the upcoming Christmas.

Becoming a supporter of organization „Save the Children“– another proof that we lend responsibly and we meet the highest transparency and responsibility standards of this organization.

Partnership with international organization “Save the Children” has started from the support of sport enthusiast Darius Vaičiulis, who is a shareholder of SAVY and known participant of Dakar rally, expedition to the South Pole. This expedition is unique not only for its complexity: Darius carries an important message with him to the South Pole – for the purpose of life for every Lithuanian child. As the ambassador of the non-governmental organization Save the Children Lithuania, he invites the public and business to contribute and help create better opportunities to achieve dreams and goals for children attending children’s day care centers run by the organization throughout Lithuania.

Support for the program „Renkuosi mokyti!“ (I choose to teach!)

Believing that a good school experience is the best way to foster prosperity in Lithuania, we invited our extensive community of investors to contribute to positive changes in education and donate to the program “I Choose to Teach!” which brings together motivated teachers. We raised a total of 2,000 EUR, with SAVY allocating 1,154 EUR, while another 75 investors donated 846 EUR. The “I Choose to Teach!” program is part of the global network “Teach For All” and has been in operation for 14 years. Since its inception, “I Choose to Teach!” has selected and trained 232 alumni and program participants, the majority of whom continue to work in schools or other educational organizations.

Social project to support Santara Clinics

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Volunteer Coordination Center “Strong Together” has initiated the donation of equipment to hospitals to provide essential equipment for the treatment of patients with coronavirus. SAVY did not stand aside and, to help our country’s doctors and medical institutions that save lives, joined the “Strong Together” initiative and raised 10.6 thousand euros for the purchase of oxygen equipment for Santara Clinics. SAVY donated EUR 2 000 to this project, and the rest was donated by our investors to join this noble cause.

Supporting the Snowflake Hike

The Snaige Hike is a health hike organized by the Lithuanian Travelers’ Union. The Snaige Hike was first organized in 1962, and since 1973 it has been held every year without a break. It is a health event that aims to encourage people to be more in the fresh air and to be more active. Such hikes are organized in various Lithuanian cities every year, depending on the weather, several times a season. Snaige Hike is almost the most massive health event in Lithuania, and the number of participants reaches up to 1 500 people.

In 2019, the organizers of the Snaige Hike lost the symbolic support they received from the state which was used for organizational purposes, such as advertisements, stickers, preparation and marking of ski slopes, and so on. The SAVY platform, having learned of the discontinued state funding, decided to contribute, and save the initiative.

SAVY not only provided one-off support, but also initiated fundraising with the help of SAVY’s investor community. As much as 3 000 Eur of funds from the investor community were raised through the SAVY platform for the Snaigė march.

SAVY support for other social projects

SAVY invites NGOs or individuals to ask important questions – talk about ideas that need to be implemented, problems that need to be solved, people who need help – and ask for support.

SAVY also contributes and provides support from its own funds to encourage investors.

What can I do to apply for support for social initiatives?

We invite organizers of various social initiatives to submit applications in free form describing the need, by e-mail:

Upon receipt of the application, it will be assessed based on the importance of the initiative mentioned in the application to society and its attractiveness to investors operating on the SAVY platform. Selected applications are delivered to the SAVY investor community, and any registered investor can support the initiative for 10€ or more.

There are no fees for the grant and the full amount collected is transferred to the beneficiaries.